An affordable College Coaching service to help your child get into a college of their choice

May 4, 2022 | Brunswick


Getting into top colleges is getting more and more competitive and expensive. We can help guide you and your student through the whole process (see the list of topics below) and help your student build a compelling profile and position them for success. For parents, especially those who have not experienced College in this country, we demystify many important aspects and also give you tips to save money.

College Coaching is our new program where, for a flat monthly subscription, you will get access to our top College Coach Mr Felix Alvarado (Mr “A”). He will coach by sharing important advice and action plans to help you through the whole journey- via monthly newsletters and a monthly Zoom interactive session. 

Each session will be devoted to one or more relevant topics, including, but not limited to, these listed below, with Q&A in the last 15 minutes. Current Grades 8-11 invited to participate, along with their parent(s)! 

Hurry, don’t wait all the way to your child’s senior year before you plan for his/her college as it is too late by then to make conscious choices that improve their odds!

Live sessions(including Q&A) will be conducted on the second Thursday of each month, 6:30-7:30pm ET

Special introductory pricing of $75/month with no commitment/contract required. If you see the value, you continue!

Many parents pay thousands of dollars to engage college consultants. But we are making it very affordable to get this coaching and deliver it virtually so even busy parents and high schoolers can attend the coaching sessions. 


• Guide your child in gradually building their profile to increase their selection chances for top colleges

• Course Selection in High School 

• What should the students be doing to best prepare and position themselves for college? 9th through 12th grades

• Recommended Summer Activities 

• College Selection Process 

• Avoiding Student Loans 

• Funding your College Experience 

• Filling out applications (Common App/school app), necessary writing, supplemental forms, & application fees 

• Working with school counselors and sending transcripts, letters and test scores

• Procuring Letters of Recommendation 

• Extracurriculars that Make You Stand Out 

• The College Essay 

• Interviews 

• College Campus Tour Insights 

• Standardized Testing: Which Ones to Take and When 

• 3 Things Everyone Should Know Before Registering for the SAT  

• Boost Your SAT Score 

• Filling out the FAFSA and how to lower that EFC 

• Scholarships


Membership includes one hour session (45 minutes of live coaching and 15 minutes of Q&A) per month; plus a monthly newsletter with tips and tricks to help you navigate the landscape of your student’s pathway to college success.