15 Educational Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Children Ages 3+

Dec 10, 2020 | Burlington

Christmas is quickly approaching, meaning it’s time to get all of that last minute shopping done! Along with all of the other video games and toys, why not add some fun educational toys under the Christmas tree, too? After all, making learning fun is always a huge plus!


Here at Mathnasium in Burlington, we’ve picked out a few educational gift ideas for your children ages 3 and up. These gifts are all great for learning and super engaging!




Inno Pad Smart Fun Lessons

Ages 3-5

This multi-award winning toy is a substitute for screens, yet just as interactive and engaging! It’s an interactive touch pad that includes 16 different captivating lessons about numbers, time, the alphabet, colors, shapes, animals, emotions, professions, music, foods, and much more. 




LeapPad Academy

Ages 3-8

LeapFrog’s products have been renowned for a while now and never disappoint. This new, kid-friendly, Android-based tablet is the #1 Best Seller on Amazon for Kids’ Electronic Learning & Education Systems. It comes with over 20 educational apps and creativity tools that are all designed by learning experts, and parents can also easily download additional Android apps. 


LeapPad Ultimate Ready for School

Ages 3-6

Another popular product from LeapFrog, this kid-friendly tablet comes packed with $195+ worth of school readiness, reading, music, problem solving, and creativity apps. It features kid-friendly web browser access and access to a library of special content, like award-winning apps and special characters. 



K’NEX Education: Intro to Structures

Ages 8-11

This K’NEX set is the perfect outlet to let your child’s engineering skills and creativity run wild. It consists of 207 pieces, like rods, stems, and connectors, which can be combined to build 13 fully-functioning replicas of real bridges.




Thoughts & Feelings Card Game

Ages 5-12

Understanding feelings and thoughts as a child is very important! This gift enhances children’s emotional intelligence by guiding them on how to express thoughts and feelings in a variety of different situations. 




Osmo - Genius Starter Kit for iPad

Ages 6-10

This popular, engaging, and award winning game allows children to interact with hand held pieces and an iPad. It features games that focus on visual problem-solving skills, puzzles, math, freehand drawing, listening, physics, spelling, and vocabulary. 




Osmo - Detective Agency: Solve Global Mysteries

Ages 5-12

This is another award-winning game by Osmo that allows children to solve mysteries using a magnifying glass, game pieces, and an iPad or Fire Tablet. In the game, children exercise critical thinking, geography, history, culture, and listening skills, all while solving engaging mysteries. 



Mastermind for Kids

Ages 6+

This exciting game features 3 levels of play where players must set and solve secret codes. It enables players to exercise both STEM and STEAM principles, like deductive reasoning and logic. 


Code and Go Robot Mouse Activity Set

Ages 4+

With 40 steps and 83 different pieces, this game is highly engaging and exciting! In this game, players exercise critical thinking and problem solving skills, while learning programming and coding fundamentals. It’s a great way to introduce your child to programming in a fun, captivating way.



Gravity Maze

Ages 8+

Designed by ThinkFun - the world’s leading manufacturer of brain games and mind challenging puzzles - this game features 60 exciting and challenging puzzles that everyone, even adults, will love. While solving these puzzles, players will exercise critical thinking, spatial reasoning, planning, and engineering skills. You’ll be surprised at how engaging this game is!



LeapReader Reading and Writing System

Ages 4-8

LeapReader is the perfect gift for your little ones who are still developing confidence in their reading, writing, comprehension, vocabulary, phonics, handwriting, and listening skills. This handy gadget also encourages a love of reading and promotes imagination skills. Best of all, it’s completely mess-free!



Thames & Kosmos Kids First Chemistry Kit

Ages 8+

What kid doesn’t like to conduct experiments and learn about things like invisible gas and it’s visible effects. This set is absolutely perfect for your younger, science-loving kids, and maybe even adults alike!



National Geographic Break Open Geodes

Ages 8+

This kit allows children to experience the exciting field of geology! With 10 different, unique geodes, kids are given the opportunity to break them open and reveal the beautiful crystals inside. It also comes with a full-color learning guide for an even more, engaging and educational experience. 



WonderWorkshop Dash Coding Robot

Ages 6+

This robot is the perfect way to ease your kids into the exciting world of coding and robotics. Operated by 5 free apps and voice commands, your kids will have a blast programming and watching this robot move about. This toy also gives you access to a collaborative platform where kids can share ideas and challenge others.  



Rush Hour Traffic Jam Logic Game

Ages 8+

This addicting logic game has been around for a while now! Nonetheless, it’s still a favorite for everyone, with over 10 million units sold worldwide. Using your logic and critical thinking skills, players must strategically get the red car out of traffic. With 40 challenges ranging from beginner to expert, it’s an excellent brain exercise for young and older players alike!


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