5 Tips to Prepare Your Child for the Math Portion of their EOGs

Apr 19, 2019 | Burlington

End of Grade testing season is nearly upon us, meaning both 3rd through 8th-graders, and their parents alike, are most likely beginning to stress over these upcoming tests. Though the EOGs may be a bit daunting, as they are a major determining factor in whether students are promoted to the next grade or not, there are a few steps you can take to ensure your child is thoroughly ready to ace their math testing.

Here are 5 helpful tips to prepare your child for the math portion of their EOGs, and to ease some of your child’s stress before these assessments.

5 Tips to Prepare Your Child for their Math EOGs

The sooner you start implementing the following actions into your weekly routine, the better. Also, keep in mind that consistency is extremely important as well. So, in the weeks leading up to the EOGs, you and your child should frequently:

Practice at Home

Everyone knows the common notion “practice makes perfect.” Well, the same applies when it comes to the EOGs. In order to be as successful as possible on the EOGs, or anything for that matter, it’s crucial to continuously practice.

Fortunately, there are multiple resources available to do so. Have your child take a practice test, either provided by the North Carolina State Board of Education online or in EOG practice test books. Not only will this help them adapt to the test format, but will also help to boost their testing endurance. Other great resources to use are the variety of free online tools, such as flash cards and math games, that can help your child specifically focus on any areas which they struggle with. For example, there are a number of online math games that can help your child strengthen a particular math skill, such as fractions or multiplication.

Lastly, take some time to always go over your child’s homework and tests with them, and help them to rework any incorrect problems. This will also be a great indicator of what areas your child should focus on strengthening.

Encourage Visual Solutions

If your child is in 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade, a wise step to take before EOGs come around is helping them learn to visually solve problems. For 3rd through 5th-graders, especially 5th-graders, a significant portion of their math EOGs is fractions and word problems. And, one of the best ways to correctly solve such problems is visually.

For example, consider the following problem:

Brian has a bag of candy. Two-thirds of his candy is chocolate. And, two-sixths of the chocolate candy are Reese’s. What fraction of the chocolate in the bag are Reese’s?

Though this problem could be solved with multiplication, as the word “of” in math typically refers to multiplication, it may be less confusing for your child to visually solve the problem. So, first, we would draw a picture to visualize the â…” of chocolate candy, as shown below:


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From the problem, we know that 2/6 of the chocolate candy, or the amount shaded, is Reese’s. So, we would split both thirds into 3 equal parts to make six equal parts, along with the unshaded third. Next, since 2/6 of the chocolate candy are Reese’s, we would shade in 2, as shown below:


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Now, we can visually see that our answer is 2/9, meaning that 2/9 of the candy in the bag are Reese’s. A large selection of the fraction and word problems on the EOGs can be solved using similar pictures. These visual solutions allow students to clearly see what is happening in the word problem and avoid computational mistakes.

Teach Your Child Stress Management

Teaching your child how to deal with stress is important during the weeks leading up to their EOGs. Remind them, even during their practice tests, to always take a moment to breathe or take some stretching breaks. Teach them what to do when they are unsure of a question: breathe, move onto the next question, and revisit that problem later using a different approach. Ultimately, ensure that your child is aware of what methods they can use to ease their stress and help them practice these methods at home during their practice exams.

Stay Positive!

It’s difficult to accomplish anything without a positive attitude! No matter how stressed you may feel, it’s important for you, as a parent, to remain positive, and encourage your child to do the same. When you are positive, your child will naturally “follow the leader.” And, as most are already aware of, positivity is important, as it will help to prevent your child from reaching the dreaded “shut down” point.

In the weeks leading up to the EOGs and right before it, encourage your child to simply do their best, and remain positive even if they feel as though they did not do well. Anxiety and stress are powerful, harmful tools, and can significantly hinder your child, so it’s important to avoid them at all costs.

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