Online Math Games Your Kids Will Love

Nov 17, 2020 | Burlington

One of the best ways to transform even the most boring undertaking into a super fun and engaging activity is by turning it into a game!


This is no different when it comes to math. Numerous studies have shown how incorporating gamification into education is highly beneficial. This is because it increases learning engagement, makes learning much more fun and interactive, improves knowledge absorption and retention, and just enhances the overall experience of learning. 


Fortunately, there are lots of great, free online math games for students of all ages that will allow your child to exercise their math skills, while having loads of fun. Here are some we recommend. 

Math Playground

For 1st - 5th graders:

Math Playground is basically a hub of numerous math games. They offer both free and premium version games that are all pretty exciting. From basic addition and subtraction, to operations and algebraic thinking, they have games for nearly every area of math. What’s great about this website is that the games are all grouped by grade, making it super easy to choose an appropriate game for your child. 


Some of our suggestions are:

There are countless more games than the ones listed above, but hopefully those can get you started! 

Math Games

For 1st - 8th graders:

Math Games is another awesome resource packed with both free and paid games. What’s interesting about this website is that each game asks you what grade the player is in and what skill they would like to strengthen before each game, and then caters the gameplay to the options picked. This makes all the games available to all students. Some of the skills included are measurement, fractions, money, estimation, comparison, basic addition and subtraction, mixed equations, and more. Whatever your child needs to strengthen, there is certainly a game for it on this website!


Some of our recommendations are:

Cool Math Games

For All Ages

Cool Math Games has a combination of super exciting strategy, numbers, and logic games, as well as a few other things, like puzzles and memory games. The creators of the site describe it as a “brain-training site for everyone.” Though these games don’t require as much mathematical thinking as the other websites, these games, nonetheless, require a bit of logic at the least. They are great games to play, that aren’t completely mindles, when your child needs a little brain break.


Some of our recommendations are:

Fun Brain

For K - 8th graders

Fun Brain has a large selection of different games, like general games, reading games, math games and everything in between. Since all of the games are free, beware of all the ads! Similar to, Fun Brain allows you to choose a level before playing a game, making most of the games available to more than just one grade level. The levels typically go from easy to hard, with the easiest options obviously involving something like addition and subtraction, while the harder levels can involve measurement and fractions. All of their games seem to be very engaging, exciting, and effective at strengthening those math skills. 


Some of our recommendations:

Splash Learn

For K - 5th graders

Splash Learn is another fun resource that has lots of free, fun math games for K - 5 students. Although the first prompt you’ll get is to sign up for free, signing up is not a requirement. Just scroll down, and you’ll see the options for math games. The website is easy-to-use and allows you to choose a game by grade or by skill. The games cover pretty much all math skills up to 5th grade, from addition and decimals to algebra and measurements.


There’s LOTS to choose from on this website, so we don’t have particular recommendations! We do recommend choosing a game by skill and having your child work on what they struggle with most. 

How to Make Your Child Even More Successful in Math!

For best results, have your child come to Mathnasium to learn how to think about these concepts most effectively, and then have them practice what they’ve learned at home with these math games. Whether your child already excels in math or needs a little practice, this is a super effective way to boost your child’s understanding and appreciation of math!


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