Math Activities

Jun 5, 2024 | Cary Park

We've compiled a list of fun and educational Mathnasium activities to keep your child entertained this summer. Click on the links below to check them out!

Activity Alert

Click on the links to learn more and to download the activity pages (and their answer keys).

Number Cross Puzzle
Cross-Number Puzzle
Number Path and Word Search

Number Sense Workout (Halves)
Number Sense Workout (Fractions)

Playing with Numbers (Part 1)
Playing with Numbers (Part 2)

The Rule of Three

Measure and Distance

Point A to Point B

Crack the Code

Math Puns

Can you guess the math puns depicted in these images? Follow us on social media for more!


Math Fun

Solve the math problems on these "Math Fun" images!

March Madness
Summer Sea Shells

Brain Teasers

Solve the math equations to figure out the value(s) of the "?".

Endangered Species
Wild Animals
Ugly Sweaters

Math Game Activity

Get your free copy of our math game activity and follow us on social media for more!

I’m a Marionette: Experimental & Theoretical Probability (Level 1)

We will continue to share fun math activities so be sure to "bookmark" this page and check back regularly.

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