The Right Way To Help Your Child Make And Keep Goals

Apr 7, 2022 | Cary Park

Do you and your child have hopes for a brighter math experience? Would your child like to feel confident and capable in their math class? Let's learn how setting goals can help your child achieve a happier and healthier relationship with math! 

The first step to making (and keeping) goals is to find the right starting point. This is a good time to consider the age and maturity of your student. (Most ten year olds aren't ready for calculus, and expecting too much from your student can be harmful.) Why not let the pros at Mathnasium help? When a new student comes into Mathnasium of Cary Park, they take a comprehensive assessment designed to show all the strengths and weaknesses in their math understanding. This enables our Mathnasium instructors to set realistic and attainable goals for your student.</o:p>

Now that goals have been set, let's say, learning how to multiply fractions, we get to practice! If practicing math with your child feels like pulling teeth, then let us help! We employ highly-trained educators that have a multitude of manipulatives at their disposal. For instance, your child will learn how to multiply fraction best while using fraction pieces. We have a plethora of hands-on learning tools at Mathnasium!</o:p>

Throughout the practicing process, make sure to check in with your student: ask them about what they're learning. To help keep our students motivated, Mathnasium uses a reward system. Our students get to choose a prize they can earn from our impressive rewards cabinet. </o:p>

Now comes the fun part... after setting goals, doing lots of practice, and helpful motivation, your student will start mastering their math. We love to watch those tricky math concepts get conquered as our student's skills and confidence grow. </o:p>

Come see us today at 10120 Green Level Church Road, Suite 214. Our Director, Ann Stengel, would love to show you and your student around our local Mathnasium. We have been helping families just like yours for 12 years. Sign up today for a Free Assessment.</o:p>