Angles in Real Life

Sep 14, 2022 | Cherry Hill

Have you ever noticed the two hands on a clock? The two hands together make different sets of lines from a common point. As you know, a set of lines from a common point create an angle. The two hands form different angles every minute of the time.

There are many things in real life that create angles, such as clothes hangers, scissors, crossroads, arrowheads, partially opened doors, to pyramids, Different letters in various alphabets also form examples of angles. What is the angle of the letter V? An acute angle. While practicing yoga and exercising, we make different angles in different postures. Angles are all around us.

Real-life Application of Angles

Position, direction, precision, and optimization are some ways in which people use angles in their daily life.

  • Carpenters use them to measure precisely to build doors, chairs, tables, etc.
  • Athletes use them to gauge the distances of a throw and to enhance their performance in sports.
  • Engineers construct buildings, bridges, houses, monuments, etc., using angle measurement.
  • Artists use their measurement knowledge to sketch or create art pieces.
  • The use of angles in the design of parking spaces affects how many cars can park in a lot. An advantage to using obtuse-angled spaces is that it is easier to turn a car at an obtuse angle than at a right angle, so there may be fewer accidents in a parking lot because of the use of angled spaces.
  • Airplane pilots, military-orienteering specialists, and ship navigation crews are responsible for using angles to move efficiently toward a destination. After accounting for wind and current speed, navigation teams will determine an angle to direct their course of movement.

Have Fun with Angles!

Count the number of acute and right angles in each letter in the word 'MATH'.

Angles are everywhere around us. They form part of the basic structure of many of the shapes that we encounter in our daily lives. Next time when you go around school, at home, or in the community take pictures and draw and sketch angles on the photos. Math is a real game-changer, isn't it?