How Mathnasium of Coal Mountain helps MOTIVATE students!

Feb 14, 2023 | Coal Mountain

"Glad you asked! Let’s take a sneak peak inside your local Mathnasium of Coal Mountain and ask their instructors!

Q: What helps students in your center stay motivated?

A: Positive reinforcement is our number 1 to help motivate our students. Second to that is the reward cabinet.

Q: Tell us about the reward cabinet!

A: For so many kids, it is the first stop when they enter the center to see what was added since their last visit, even if it was the day before. We have a variety of games, gift cards, craft items and ""stuff"" for the kids to choose from. We do our best to stock the cabinet with items that we know have a magical power to motivate.

Q: How do students earn prizes from the reward cabinet?

A: There are a few ways to earn reward points. First way is how many pages were completed at each visit and also did they reach their daily predetermined page goal. If they complete a mastery, the kids can earn reward points from spinning the wheel. Every month we change the calendar to offer different ways to win reward points several days in the month. If our elementary students wear a Mathnasium T Shirt, they can earn 12 or 24 reward points.. depending on the calendar. There are several other ways not mentioned that a student will earn extra reward points or full cards.

Q: How does your center celebrate student success?

A: We are currently running a 100 for $100 offer. If a student receives a 100 on a test or quiz, we will hang it on the brag board, announcing it loudly for the whole center to know each time. At the end of the semester we will draw one name and that student will win $100! We did this last semester and it was incredible to see all of the 100's on the Brag Board!

Q: What is your favorite student success story?

A: This is a tough question. Big or small, everyday we have a success story. Most recently, we had an elementary student score a 100 on a Post Assessment after only a few months at Mathnasium. This is really a big deal! Post Assessments are our way of learning how much a student has mastered the math concepts they are currently assigned in a learning plan. Many students have shown remarkable improvements, but this young man was the first to reach such a milestone in such a short period of time."