Math Is Not For The Select Few

Aug 19, 2019 | Coral Springs

As a parent we want to help grow, nurture and develop our children. We do everything we can to help them succeed in life and be setup for a great fulfilling futures. There is a lot to navigate in life and school and we do all we can to give them the best opportunities possible. 

As our children enter the school system, whether it be a private school or public school there is this villian that usually appears called math but it doesn’t have to be. Struggles with the subject, homework and inconsistent grades start appearing. It doesn’t have to be but there is usually stress, fear and anxiety. It’s not your child’s fault and many feel what Math is doing to our children isn’t right. We promise you that math is not only for the select few. It's not fair for students to feel they can't be good at math or it's not for them.

Children don’t hate math. They do, as you already know, dislike being confused, intimidated or feeling inadequate. The Mathnasium Method™ has transformed the way kids understand math. It is based on extensive experience teaching math to kids this way for over 40+ years. We build math knowledge upon what they already know - this helps kids learn quickly and boosts their confidence right away. We are here to guide them to their own success.

Our proven method has helped thousands of families. It all starts with our complimentary & comprehensive assessment. This will pinpoint your child’s strengths and areas for improvement. This allows us to meet them where they are now and take them where they need to go. From that we build them a customized learning plan that is tailored to their own individual needs. We use that plan for teaching the necessary areas of focus and use a combination of proprietary materials and instruction techniques to ensure your child masters these concepts. Each session we split between the above and helping them with any homework they have for that visit. If no homework help is needed than we can spend the entire session working on their custom curriculum. 

Our goal is to help all students have great confidence in themselves and know that they can do this! We hear from families all the time of the arguments at home over math and homework. The nights of tears and frustration. Then we love when those families and students come to the center to proudly show their great test scores and grades and put them up on our BRAG Board. Parents are so happy that their family life and home life has returned to fun times again. Call us at (954) 441-6284 or Visit this link [Click Here] to schedule your child’s free assessment today!

According to the most recent Nation’s Report Card [Link] only 40% of 4th grade students are at or above grade level, only 33% of 8th grade students and only 25% of 12th graders going into College or the workforce. Many future jobs and careers are going to require some type of math proficiency. Currently STEM careers earn about 26% high starting salaries compared to non-STEM. Many STEM positions only require 2 years of college math. We see how the current employment landscape is changing and how quickly technology keeps advancing.


This is an investment into your child and family’s future. It’s more than just being able to do well in current or future grades but to compete in the growingly competitive landscape. Call us at (954) 441-6284 or Visit this link [Click Here] to schedule your child’s free assessment and talk with us to see how we can help your child for their future success!