Mathnasium (where probability problems don't stand a chance) By Jack Hook Instructor, Mathnasium O'Fallon

Jan 19, 2016 | Cy-Fair
Mathnasium (where probability problems don't stand a chance)
By Jack Hook
Instructor, Mathnasium O'Fallon
We're the folks from Mathnasium -
a friendly math gymnasium -
where problems get a good workout,
forming in children new math clout.
At first we give each one a test
to see what parts they know the best.
The results are quite descriptive,
helping form a plan prescriptive.
We then put together pages
that match learners with their stages.
We don't merely try to inform,
but teach methods so minds transform.
No matter what type of problem,
we teach our youth how to solve them.
From learning to add and subtract
we explain technique, not just fact.
When learning how to multiply,
kids get the answer and the "why".
Then when pupils start to divide,
we'll give good hints and gently guide.
Fractions are big in children's eyes.
Pictures help bring them down to size.
Algebra, to some, seems like Greek.
This "tongue" our kids will learn to speak.
Geometry may not be "plain",
but competence, our scholars gain.
We view trig from the right angle
to help kids solve a triangle.
We provide prep for ACT
and relieve stress from SAT. 
We hope math never makes kids tense -
to that end "We Make Math Make Sense".

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