A Frightening Night of Homework Time

Oct 10, 2018 | Diamond Bar

Now that your students school schedule has finally settled in, you may have ran into a new roadblock: Homework Time!

At the start of the school year, your student was most likely able to complete their homework on their own as the material they were going over was simply review from the previous year. Now that your student has or is approaching their first test of the school year, you might see them struggling to complete homework, especially math homework on their own.


We know that homework time can become a nightmare, in fact, it may become especially frightening (Halloween is this month after all) as the year progresses. We have two gestures of good news for you. First, you are not alone! Check out this hilarious video from the Holderness Family. While this video is oh so funny, we know so many of you can relate to this video.


The second good news for you is that Mathnasium can help. If homework time is looking just like the Holderness household, give us a call to come into to our center today! 909-860-3781