A Fun Subtraction Activity to Help Practice "Math In The Real World"

Apr 25, 2018 | Diamond Bar

Fun and inspiring math in the real world activity helps kids practice elementary math subtraction skills!

So many parents are famililar with the importance of reading with your kids every day, but did you know that it's just as important to "math" with your kids every day? Yes, just like with physical exercise, daily math practice, especially in elementary school, will build strong math "muscles" that will help kids grasp more challenging subjects later on. 

One of the foundational math skills parents will want to practice early and often with their kids is subtraction. The more opportunities parents can find for their elementary age kids to sharpen essential real world math skills the better. When kids use math it becomes second nature!

We have some great ideas to help parents "math" with their kids every day. Click here to check out our Math In The Real World: Subtraction Activity, and share it with your kids, your friends, and your kids' friends so you can practice together! Let us know in the comments how you and your family use subtraction every day.