Fun February Activities for Valentine's Day!

Feb 2, 2019 | Diamond Bar
Happy Valentine's Day! This February we want to share our love of math with you, and with that we encourage you to share your love of math with your kids! At Mathnasium, we make math fun for our students, so they look forward to coming in. Our program focuses on teaching math in a way that makes sense to our students, giving them the skills they need to reach their math goals, and giving them new found confidence in themselves. No wonder so many families love us!
This month, we hope we can inspire your student to love math as much as we do! We invite you in to the center this month to see why so many families love Mathnasium. 
We know math doesn't only happen in a classroom or a math learning program. When parents encourage kids to do math at home on a regular basis, the same way they encourage children to read on a daily basis, kids are more likely to report that they enjoy math, and feel more comfortable when new math concepts are brought up by their math teachers.
Check out our fun, Valentine-themed math activities to print out at home and do with your student. The best part is there is an activity for all ages ranging from lower elementary to algebra and everything in between.
Click here to see the blog post and print the love inspired activities.