Go Back to School with Mathnasium

Aug 22, 2018 | Diamond Bar

School is back in session! Whether your youngest is starting kindergarten or your oldest is starting their senior year of high school, Mathnasium is here to help all school year long. No matter if your student is behind, ahead or even just trying to keep up with what is going on in the classroom each week, the Mathnasium program can help your student.


It all starts with scheduling a free assessment. We will have you come in with your student(s) and give them an assessment. We know what you are thinking, “My child hates math! Why would I want to bring them in to prove that once more?”. Trust us, we have heard that time and time again. That isn’t the case. Our assessment is not a test like your student traditionally takes at school, rather it is a guide that lets us know where your student is at on their roadmap through school and onto the next grade level. The assessment will tell us any foundational gaps your student may have while also showing us all of the areas where your student excels.


Once the assessment is completed, we will go through it and provide you with a game plan for your student. Did we mention that assessment is free? That’s right!


So what are you waiting for? Add Mathnasium to your weekly after school routine. With a flexible program that allows you to come in virtually whenever you want, what do you have to lose?


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(image: Getty Images)