Why It Is Important to Choose Mathnasium Today?

Sep 12, 2018 | Diamond Bar

You might be thinking that you can put off bringing your student to Mathnasium until your student is actually struggling, but why would you want to? We see the same timeline each year as students begin a new school year. Whether your student needs to get caught up, keep up on new material, or you just want your student to get ahead, here are a few scenarios that emphasize why you should come into Mathnasium today as opposed to waiting until later in the school year.

Scenario #1: Your student walks into the new school year mastering all the review material. Great! Now comes the new material. While your student clearly does not need to be caught up on topics discussed in the previous school year, they might need help with new material that will be presented after the first couple of weeks. For this scenario, Mathnasium can help with an emphasis on our 30 minute homework time that is carved out in our one hour Mathnasium session. This will allow your student to ask questions on the new material being presented to them in addition to their Mathnasium workout plan.

Scenario #2: Your student does not do so well on the review material being presented to them during their first couple weeks of school. This is the most crucial scenario as we not only want to make sure we fill those foundational gaps by giving your student one of our assessments, but we also want to make sure your student is understanding the new material being taught in the classroom. Mathnasium helps in this scenario the same way it does in scenario one.

Scenario #3: Your student proves that they have mastered not only the review, but the new material being presented as well. This is what we call an enrichment student. Enrichment students are most common during our summer program, but it is not uncommon for us to get several enrichment students during the normal school year program as well. Just like the first and second scenario, our structured one hour session works perfectly for our enrichment students as well.

Whether your student falls into one of these scenarios or your own student has their own unique scenario, we can help! Give us a call today to schedule your free assessment! We are Mathnasium, the math-only learning center!