Word Problem Wednesday: Photography, Fractions and Percents

Feb 21, 2018 | Diamond Bar

Fun photography-themed word problem will help kids practice elementary math skills such as fractions and percents.

Check out this week's Word Problem Wednesday! This question is perfect for elementary level students. Can you solve it?

Challenge: Deb usually shoots glamour portraits for $26.00, but today they are discounted at 75% off. How much do glamour portraits cost today?

Once you feel you've developed your own solution, just look below to check it against our solution.

Solution: Since 75% is the same as ¾, the price of the discounted glamour portraits is ¼ the original price. So, the glamour portraits cost $26.00 ÷ 4 = $6.50.

(Photo above by Lesly via goodfreephotos.com)