Word Problem Wednesday: Practice Makes Elementary Math As Easy As Pie

Jun 27, 2018 | Diamond Bar

Elementary math skills such as averages and money math are easy as pie when you practice with this word problem challenge.

With the Fourth of July holiday approaching next week, we have pie on our minds! Did you know that your everyday math challenges can be easy as pie when you practice a little bit every day!

Today’s word problem is all about averages and money math. 

Question: Katie is comparing the prices of 4 different pies. A cherry pie costs $6.00. A chocolate cream pie costs $11.00. A blueberry pie costs $7.00. A peach pie costs the average price of all 4 of the pies. How much does the peach pie cost?

Ready for the solution? Check below.

Solution: If the average of all 4 pies is the same as the price of the peach pie, then the average of the first 3 pies must be equal to the price of the peach pie. To find the average price of the pies, we add the prices of the first 3 pies together, then divide by 3.
$6.00 + $11.00 + $7.00 = $24.00
$24.00 ÷ 3 = $8.00