Word Problem Wednesday: Soar Ahead With Money Math Practice

Jul 26, 2018 | Diamond Bar

This fun money math word problem challenge helps kids practice division, subtraction, percents, and other elementary school math skills.

Some of the best math skills to be proficient in is with money. Everyone can benefit from this even kids who may not do much purchasing on a regular basis will benefit from improving their money math skills. This week’s word problem challenge will help kids practice division, subtraction, percents and other elementary school math. With a little practice, you can become a money math master!

Question: Dillon wants to buy a model airplane that costs $34.00. She has a $5.00 bill and a 75% off coupon. How much more money does Dillon need to get the model airplane?

When you're ready, check below for the solution.


Solution: Since the coupon is for 75% off, the model airplane costs 25% of its original cost, which is half of a half of $34.00. Half of $34.00 is $17.00, and half of that is $8.50. If Dillon has $5.00, she needs $8.50 – $5.00 = $3.50 more to buy the model airplane.