Word Problem Wednesday: Using Math Skills In Science Fair Projects

Apr 18, 2018 | Diamond Bar

 Kids can use elementary math skills to solve real world math problems for science fair projects in this word problem challenge!

Did you know math is a key component of all science fair projects? Additionally, science is always a fun way to use some of the key math concepts you’re learning in school to solve real world math problems.

Are you ready or this week's Word Problem Wednesday? This week we have Natalie who is collecting water samples for one of her science fair projects. Use your elementary math skills to help Natalie analyze the data for her project. Do you have what it takes?

Challenge: Natalie collects water samples from 6 random puddles around her neighborhood and counts the number of mosquito larvae in each. She finds 12, 22, 0, 13, 8, and 13 larvae in the samples. What is the average number of larvae per water sample that Natalie collected? 

Solution: To find the average, we add up all the numbers of larvae and then divide by the number of samples. Natalie collected a total of 12 + 22 + 0 + 13 + 8 + 13 = 68 mosquito larvae in her samples. So, the average number of mosquito larvae in a sample is 68 ÷ 6 = 11½.


Photo By: Amy Newcomb