Word Problem Wednesday: What's in the Middle?

Oct 25, 2017 | Diamond Bar


Every two numbers have a midway point, even 1 and 2 have a midpoint of 1 ½ between them. But what do you do when your two numbers are already fractions? That is exactly the challenge presented in this week’s word problem. Can you gather your fraction skills and solve the problem? Take a look below, and then check your solution against ours.

Question: What number is exactly between one-seventh and two-sevenths?

Solution: There aren’t any whole sevenths between one-seventh and two-seventh, so let’s turn them into fourteenths: 1/7 = 2/14, and 2/7 = 4/14. So, since 3 is exactly between 2 and 4, three-fourteenths must be the number that is exactly between one-seventh and two-sevenths.