Olivia's Story

Mar 5, 2016 | Eagan

This is really rewarding when we hear story from our parents!

Olivia's math journey at Mathnasium of Eagan
Two years ago, Olivia Kraemer entered the Mathnasium doors believing that she was just dumb at math. Her mom knew better, and she knew she also needed to get her the math support she needed. As she looked around, she found the Eagan Mathnasium and a new parternship was formed. Olivia began her journey at a level below her current grade level but quickly worked through concepts and curriculum attending Mathnasium about three times a week. After a few months, you could see Olivia's confidence increase and her math ability expand. Within the course of a year, Olivia was performing consistently in math concepts that were at or above her grade level. She became a leader in her Rosemount Middle School math class and continues to be a leader today. Olivia's teacher said this about her, "What is see is a focused young lady who is an example to her peers of what hard work can bring you. Olivia is detail and goal oriented; she has set her sights on doing well in math, and now here she is, among the stars! She is a model student.”

Olivia has now worked at the Mathnasiumof Eagan for two years. Her confidence and abilities in math are at an all time high. She has thoroughly enjoyed the coaches and staff at the Mathnasium and has commented often about how patient and supportive everyone has been. She has always felt the team was behind her becoming successful and appreciated their confidence in her.

Thank you Mathnasiumof Eagan!


Warmest Regards,