Enrollment Caps

Mar 8, 2016 | Folsom

Spring is the time of year when Mathnasium Learning Center enrollments are at a peak.  Students come to Mathnasium for a variety of reasons, and all these reasons seem to apply from February to April each year!  

But Mathnasium Learning Centers cannot accommodate unlimited enrollment. Rather, enrollment limits are set to ensure that the needs of each student are met and the quality of instruction remains high even when the Center is full and busy. So each Mathnasium Learning Center has an upper limit on student enrollment based on seating capacity and student attendance patterns at the Center. Enrollment capacity varies from Center to Center, because each Center's physical size and clientele are different.

If and when a Center approaches capacity, the Director will set what is called a "soft cap" on enrollment.  Under "soft cap", a Center will only admit transfer students from other Centers, returning students, siblings of existing students, or a student bringing a time-limited coupon purchased at a fund-raising auction.  Otherwise, no new students are admitted.

If enrollment increases even further under "soft cap", the Director will then set a "hard cap" on enrollment.  Under "hard cap", no additional students whatsoever are admitted to the Center, even if they are returning students or siblings.  Once a Center enters "hard cap", students desiring admission may be put on a waiting list or may enroll temporarily in another nearby Center which has room for them.  Enrollment in another Center is highly recommended because transfers get top priority when Center enrollment drops below "hard cap" and additional students can be admitted again.

Hopefully your student will not be affected by either "soft cap" or "hard cap" conditions at the Center nearest you.  But if you do run into some kind of "cap",  we hope you understand that we're simply protecting the quality of instruction, and we thank you in advance for your patience!  Also, we suggest that you talk to the Center Director about the best way to get the support your student needs.