Problem of the Week

Dec 26, 2021 | Folsom







Did you figure it out?


Answer:  48 minutes 

Solution:  If the program is done scanning ¾ of the computer’s memory, then it has ¼ left. Since we know that it takes 12 minutes to scan ¼ of the memory, it takes 12 × 4 = 48 minutes to scan the whole thing.








Did you figure it out?


Answer:  708,588 

Solution:  Clementine has 4 hair color options the first month. Since she dyes her hair a different color every month, there are 3 options for each of the rest of the months because the color she used the month before is not an option. So, there are 4 × 311 = 708,588 different combinations of colors that Clementine could dye her hair from month to month in a year.