Problem of the Week

Oct 10, 2021 | Folsom







Did you figure it out?

Answer:  21â…“π square inches

Solution:  Before any slices are eaten, the pizza takes up πr2 = 64π square inches. Since 4 out of 6 slices were eaten, that leaves 2 slices, so â…“ of the pizza is left over. That means that the area taken up by the remaining two slices is â…“ × 64π = 21â…“π square inches.










Did you figure it out?

Answer:  18 fluid ounces

Solution:  Since ¾ of the cannister of ooze spilled, that means that 4½ fluid ounces is ¼ of the total amount of ooze the cannister can hold. So, the cannister can hold 4½ × 4 = 18 fluid ounces in total.