Problem of the Week: Mother's Day

May 10, 2020 | Folsom










Did you figure it out? Let's look at the solution!


Using visuals will help with this problem!



Because Bella spent 1/5 of the money on the movie tickets first,
we need to split this whole into five parts.

Then we fill in one part to represent 1/5.
This leaves fours parts remaining.

Then the problem says she spent half of the remaining money on the earrings. Because there are four parts left, we fill in two parts. This leaves us with two parts remaining


Next, Bella spent 1/4 of the leftover money on coffees. So we need to break each of the remaining two parts in half to make four. Now we fill in one of those four parts.

We also know the 1/4 equals $12.50. If we double that, we know that half of the left over money equals $25.

When we look at the visual, you will see the $25 is 1/5 of the total amount of money she saved. 

Lastly, $25 x 5 = $125. So Bella saved $125 for Mother's Day.


Look forward to next week's problem!