Anyone Can Learn to High Levels

Dec 20, 2016 | Fort Collins

The Stanford created and published website, YouCubed, has ignited my passion again! There is a page on their website, under the Ideas & Tasks drop down labeled (click the link to follow), "Think It Up". This page has 9 wonderful findings, linked to research based articles defending their ideas and positions on the different aspects of learning math. Over the next few weeks we will post the 9 different articles to spur your thoughts and excitement!

Today's article is titled (click the link to follow), "Anyone Can Learn to High Levels" and is written by Jo Boaler. This article is research based defense to what we here at Mathnasium believe and work to instill in EVERY child that comes in our door. We are math instructors and help the students understand math, but more importantly, we build and grow their CONFIDENCE! When a child believes in themselves, ANYTHING is possible!