Halloween is here! Candy, Ghosts and Mad Libs - what more could you want?!

Oct 31, 2018 | Fort Collins


Have Fun & Be Safe!

I'm sure your kids have been counting down the days, and NOW the time is here - it's Halloween! Kids are getting dressed up, running from house to house to get as many treats as they can and even going from one neighborhood to the next. This is a time FULL of fun, candy and excitement, and we have a way to extend the laughs to the drive time. 

Include these fun Halloween themed math mad libs during your car rides from neighborhood to neighborhood. Not only will it bring math fun into the night, but it will fill the car with laughter! Please choose the appropriate level mad lib below. If you'd like to see the original blog post, click here to go to our Mathnasium Matters Blog.

Halloween Math Libs™ - Easy

Halloween Math Libs™ - Intermediate