Mathnasium Founder - Featured in FORBES Magazine!

Feb 2, 2017 | Fort Collins

So, I know that we were on a roll working through each wonderful and amazing article that YouCubed's website has to offer, and I promise to continue with it next week, but this news was too exciting not to share!

Drum roll please...... ba da, ba da, ba da, bum.....

Mathnasium Founder, Larry Martinek was featured in a FORBES Magazine article!!

The article is a wonderful read, and very informative as to the drive, motivation, and love that ignited the flame that created Mathnasium! If you have a moment to read it, please do, by following this link: How This Teacher Disrupted Education With the Mathnasium Model of Teaching

If you are limited on time, here is one of my favorite quotes within the article - it's truly the reason every single person who makes up Mathnasium, is eager to go to work every day.

“When kids can’t do math, they feel stupid,” says Martinek. “The damage is incalculable. But, take a child who thinks she absolutely won’t ever be good at math, show that child that she can actually triumph in math, and that child is reborn.”