Mistakes Grow Your Brain!

Jan 4, 2017 | Fort Collins

Oh man! I keep expecting to read an article on YouCubed, and only be moderately intrigued, and continue to be proven wrong! It's been a little longer than a week since I posted the upcoming article, but the Holidays took precedent. :) Hope your Holidays were Wonderful and filled with Happiness and Loved Ones!!

Back to the article.... Jo Boaler's second article in the "Think It Up" section on the YouCubed website is titled, "Mistakes Grow Your Brain!" You will have to read her article to hear all of the facts and details; but the overall sentiment of the article is exactly what we care about here at Mathnasium. There is never language such as, "you should have learned this last year, or we went over this just yesterday..." it's always warm and welcoming to misunderstandings and different ways to solve a problem.

My favorite quote from this article (paraphrased a little) -

"... because it is a time of struggle; the brain is challenged and the challenge results in growth." - Jo Boaler.

To read the article in it's entirety, follow this link: "Mistakes Grow Your Brain!".