New Year: New You

Dec 29, 2018 | Fort Collins

The holiday season is wrapping up, and the New Year is just around the corner. Often this is the perfect time to sit down and create some new goals for the upcoming year. These both famous and infamous “New Year’s Resolutions” can be a helpful time to both reflect on the past 12 months and dream for the future.

It can be a great time to sit down with your kids and talk about some things that want to accomplish in all areas of their life and this certainly includes math as well! It can be helpful to be on the same with what your child hopes to achieve in math to help encourage and support them. The key is for the resolutions to not aim at perfection, but rather improvement!

We’ve compiled a list of some great math New Year’s resolutions you can help your child create to help improve their math skills in this coming year. Pick one or two that you think will most help them reach their overall goal of having math makes sense!

  1. Ask a question in math class every day
  2. Work to understand math at a conceptual level
  3. Spend 5 minutes after completing a math assignment to double check work for accuracy
  4. Turn in all math homework on time
  5. Ask for help with math when you are stuck
  6. Study for math tests at least a week in advance
  7. Take the complimentary math assessment at Mathnasium to check for math gaps. If there are any math gaps, be sure to fix them
  8. Review mistakes to learn from them for future improvement
  9. Go to Mathnasium at least twice a week
  10. Start every math assignment with a “can-do” attitude
  11. Try a project that will use math
  12. Join a math club
  13. Compete in a math competition
  14. Play a math game as a family once per week
  15. Increase your child’s stamina to be able to focus on math for one-hour blocks
  16. If in high school, start prepping for the math portion of the PSAT, SAT, or ACT

Make this year your best math year yet, Happy New Year from Mathnasium!