No Matter the Level - "Eureka" Moments Can Create Math Joy!

Nov 11, 2016 | Fort Collins

It doesn't matter whether a student has many skill gaps that need to be filled, is at grade level, or is ahead - the pure love of and confidence in their math abilities need to be nurtured. If we can start and teach at the exact level a student needs, encouraging and celebrating every success along the way, there is nothing our kids won't be able to accomplish. We found and love the sentiments about math in this New York Times article, the last paragraph before a math puzzle, being so incrediibly inspiring we have to share it:

  • "Children who love math will explore all its delectable nooks and crannies, and naturally strengthen their understanding. A society of people that values mathematics on that level will not only mine the best uses for math, but more important, be part of a generation that creates applications and explorations that uplift our world. The best problems not only encourage happy thinking, they nurture patience and persistence — valuable characteristics in exploring mathematics." - Antonick, Gary. "Numberplay: Olympic Strategies, Part 2." The New York Times. N.p., 15 Aug. 2016. Web. 11 Nov. 2016.

Follow this link to read the article in it's entirety!