Speed and Time Pressure Blocks Working Memory

Feb 10, 2017 | Fort Collins

"Math anxiety has now been recorded in students as young as five, and timed tests are a major cause of this debilitating, often lifelong condition (Ramirez, et al, 2013)." -Jo Boaler's Speed and Time Pressur Blocks Working Memory

No child should have debilitating math anxiety, especially ones as young as 5! We truly believe this at Mathnasium, and strive to ensure that not only is every student not afraid of math, but are excited and eager to do more of it! If math is taught in a way that makes sense to the kids, it will not only cause their fears to subside but will give them a strategy and confidence that they will carry forward through all their math classes. Don't let your child get sucked into this thinking, that in order to be good at math you have to be fast - it's a lie! True number sense and understanding isn't only the most important thing, but it's what will help them from here on out.

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