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Oct 24, 2018 | Fort Collins

Unfortunately, math is usually the least liked subject in school. Then, when math tests get thrown into the mix the hatred and fear tend to rise exponentially! Math doesn’t have to be a scary or frustrating experience! We love teaching math, and we teach math in a way that makes sense to kids. We’ll take care of making sure you understand the concepts, you just need to oversee building good study habits and putting in the time necessary to move the math topics from your short term to your long-term memory. Here are some tips and tricks for preparing for tests. Even if a big test isn’t this week, look this over and put it in your calendar to start prepping ahead of time. The earlier you start thinking about and getting mentally ready for a test, the easier it will be.

Link to our Mathnasium Matters Blog to read the full, original blog article. The excerpts in quotes below are pulled directly from there. “Math Help for Students: Study Tips for Math Tests.”

**First, and most importantly, if at ANY time during the studying process you find out you need help, ask for it! Whether you come to us or go to your teacher – don’t wait or be afraid! If it doesn’t make sense it just means you need it explained a different way, it doesn’t mean that you can’t understand it. **

  • When you’re told a test is coming (even if it’s months in advance):
    • “Make sure you’re clear on the scope of the material covered on the test.”
    • “Assess your home study space.”
  • A couple weeks before your test:
    • “Revisit old assignments/homework/quizzes”
    • “At the same time, be prepared to see concepts presented in a different way.”
    • “Form a study group”
    • “Don’t be afraid to reach out”
    • “Make enough time for fun!”
  • Day before the test:
    • “Do what you need to do to chill out”
    • “Double check the contents of your book bag.”
    • “Get enough sleep!”
  • Once the test is in front of you:
    • “Relax”
    • “Write your name”
    • “Read the test”
    • “Follow instructions.”
      • Bring a highlighter with you and don’t be afraid to highlight any instructions like, “Show all your work” or “Write the equation AND draw the line” to remind yourself to do everything that is being asked of you.
    • If you’re worried you’ll be short on time, rate the questions ahead of time, 1 for easy (just need to do the work) to a 3 for extra hard (this question will take me a long time and I’m not sure what the process is). Then, start out by answering all the questions you marked as a level 1 difficult, then the level 2 difficulty, saving the level 3 for last. Even if you’re not sure you’re right, put down what you’re thinking, your gut instinct is normally right.
    • “If you finish ahead of time, double check your answers.”
  • After the Test
    • “Celebrate!”

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