The Perfect Gift for the Math Lover in Your Life

Dec 16, 2018 | Fort Collins

The holiday season is fast approaching and the hunt for the perfect gift is on. Are you trying to find the perfect gift for your math teacher or a math lover in your life?

Well look no further, we have compiled a comprehensive of all of the perfect gifts to give that math lover in your life!

  1. Wear it! What is a better to way to show your love for something then by wearing something that shows it for you! Whether it be an adorable Fibonacci necklace, Euler’s formula math hoodie, pi shirt, or some cute calculus patterned shoes—these are the perfect gift for someone to take and show their love of math wherever they go.
  2. Home Décor! Sometimes for the coolest of math lovers’ love of math needs just a subtle touch in their decorations. The best gift can be an amazing math equations clock, some amazing and practical mugs and cups, or amazing plates for serving deserts to all their friends and family.
  3. Math games! Math games get a party started and fun for every day and every age! Some fun ideas are Math Mat Challenge Game, “Are you a math genius?”, Prime Climb, and Sequence.
  4. Gadgets! What math lover also doesn’t love a good gadget…especially if that amazing gadget is also related to math. There is this amazing mini telescope for any phones camera to gaze into the night sky, or this an amazing geometric shape that is one part desk sculpture one part conversation starter and one part stress reliever. You can also protect your phone with this amazing math case or even control a robot with your face!
  5. Edible math! Serious question: who doesn’t love food, especially as a gift?! Get your math lover the perfect gift with these amazing solid chocolate polyhedral dice, the perfect combo of food and math!

Love these holiday gift ideas and want specifics on where to find them? Click here to learn more! Happy holidays from Mathansium!