Feb 2, 2022 | Georgetown

It's that time of year to once again start looking at the upcoming SAT Tests! The SAT is a multiple-choice test created and administered by the College Board. The purpose of the SAT is to measure a high school student's readiness for college. While different colleges weigh SAT scores differently, the higher your child's score, the more options they have when applying for both their choice of schools and academic scholarships!


Math is just one portion of the SAT's, but the one usually considered the most difficult. At Mathnasium, math is what we do! Who better to prepare your student for the math portion of the test than an award-winning organization that specializes in math!

We’ve developed the Mathnasium SAT Math Prep Program to give students the individual attention they need to maximize their score on the math portion of each exam. Each student will come away from an initial assessment with a plan to address weaknesses in the areas covered by the SAT and develop skills to tackle every question. Coupled with test strategies, tips, and regular practice exams, the Mathnasium SAT Math Prep Program is superior to other approaches that leave students to fret and study alone. By starting exam prep now, we are confident that students’ scores will improve after following our program.

Don't Wait! Take Advantage of This Program Today!

Contact your student's learning center to learn more about the program and how you can sign up your child. Learn more HERE: https://conta.cc/3HpyYvk