Mar 1, 2022 | Georgetown

At Mathnasium, we would like to invite you to start thinking now about the importance of math summer learning programs. A recent study, “School’s out: The role of summers in understanding achievement disparities,” was recently published in the American Educational Research Journal and examined the magnitude and variability in summer learning loss across grades 1–8. This study found that the average student lost 17–34% of the prior year’s learning gains during summer break.

Concerns about students losing ground academically during summer break go back at least a century, with evidence suggesting that summer contributed to large disparities in students’ outcomes. While there are many factors that contribute to summer learning loss (SLL), Mathnasium has put summer math programs in place that have been proven to help children retain what they've already learned in math and better prepare them for a jump start into the following school year (See Info About Our Summer Camps Below).

Besides combating SSL, the following are other reasons you should keep your child with Mathnasium through the summer break.

  • PREVIEWS - Give your child a jumpstart by previewing the type of math they'll be learning the next school year; especially if they're transitioning from one school level to another (i.e. Elementary to Middle School).
  • TEST PREP - Summers are a great time to prep you child for upcoming placement tests such as the SAT and ACT Tests.
  • APPITITUDE - Parents may review their child's progress with the Center Director regarding their child's grade level.
  • COOL & RELAXING - Our Mathnasium Centers are a COOL environment to learn in - well out of the summer heat!

Contact your Learning Center for a free evaluation of your child's math skills.

Contact your student's learning center to learn more about the program and how you can sign up your child. Learn more HERE: https://conta.cc/3hrALEY