Don't Wait for the Math Report Card

Aug 20, 2019 | Gilbert

Don't Wait for the Math Report Card - Some Red Flags to Lookout for Now!


We are pushing towards the end of August and school is already underway! Your child(ren) may have gotten acclimated to their new classes this year, with their new friends and new teachers and their new routines. For most subjects, the initial review of concepts from last year may be complete and they are starting to come home with fresher and newer concepts. It is at this time that we would urge you to look our for some sure signs that your child may need some extra support this school year: 
1) Refusal to talk about school or certain subjects.
2) A disinterest in schoolwork.
3) Or, an excessive amount of time spent on schoolwork.
4) Trouble eating or sleeping.
5) Getting into loggerheads with your child while trying to help them with their schoolwork.
6) Initial Parent-Teacher conferences bringing up concerns.

Does any of these sound familiar for your household? At Mathnasium of Gilbert, we help you catch these early warning signs of your children struggling with math, as well as work to build your child’s math foundation through a customized learning plan taught by our instructors. We strongly believe that it is best for your kids to develop a solid math routine that will help them maintain confidence as they learn new concepts in school. Our instructors are passionate about math and helping students, and they are all Mathnasium certified.

We can help your kids develop their math skills right now, so, don’t wait until the first report card comes out to scramble and find a math tutor for your child.  The Mathnasium of Gilbert team is here to help math make sense to everyone. Call us today at (480) 782-7987 to find out more about our program and to get your child started on the Math success journey!

Schedule a FREE Math Skills Assessment and We’ll pinpoint your child’s learning needs and create a personalized program designed to meet them where they are and take them where they need to go.



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