How Learning Math Can Improve Diversity at the Nation’s Top Universities

Oct 14, 2016 | Gilbert

America’s elite universities are attempting to address their diversity issues via expanded communications and modified admissions processes. Unfortunately, these approaches can only be so effective, insofar as schools cannot accept students who do not apply. Therefore, expanding a quality higher education to a more diverse portion of the population requires efforts which begin closer to home. Only by instilling the confidence that comes with a solid education can we increase the numbers of minority students applying, and being admitted to some of the nation’s top schools.  
That is not to say that the onus for addressing a university’s diversity issues should rest upon the student, or their parents. To be sure, the burden of creating a fair and equal educational system for those of all genders and ethnicities lies with the admissions boards of the schools and the educators who pave the roads to get students to the institutions in the first place. But what parents ​can
​ do is to give their children the best education possible, by giving them the right tools they need to ensure that they will have the confidence to apply at the schools of their choice.  
One of the most challenging subjects for students of all backgrounds is Math. Teaching and learning Math requires patience and the ability to avoid frustration - qualities which, unfortunately, can often be lacking in a traditional teaching environment. The Mathnasium Method builds upon your child’s existing curriculum with individualized processes, providing the right amount of Math help that your child needs to succeed. The Mathnasium certified instructors at Mathnasium of Gilbert recognize the correlation between learning and self-esteem, and they do whatever it takes to show your child that Math learning and comprehension are not impossible tasks. We make Math make sense! With a little Math help from Mathnasium, your child will be a more well-rounded and successful student, better-positioned to seek the higher education that he/she deserves. Call us today at (480) 782 – 7987 to find out more about how we can help your child succeed in Math!