Is Your Child Struggling with Math? - Don't Wait for the Math Report Card

Sep 2, 2018 | Gilbert

Don't Wait for the Math Report Card - Some Red Flags to Lookout for Now!

Somehow, to our disbelief, we are almost halfway through the first grading period of the school year! Teachers are getting settled in, kids are holding their breath for the holidays, and knowledge is waiting to be learned.

As parents, rounding off the first grading period can be an exciting yet nervous time. We want our kids to be happy and successful in school, and sometimes the first couple of months of the academic year can be difficult. When it comes to the subject of math specifically, you and your children could possibly be feeling the weight of stress already.

During the school year, it is common for parents and teachers to notice signs that their kids or students may be falling behind in a subject. During the first grading period though, most of the math being done in class is review of the year before. Because of this, it may be nearly impossible to see red flags in your kid’s learning, and finding an effective tutor may be the last thought on your mind. We believe though that is crucial to develop a good math routine now so that you can avoid potential problems in the future.

So What Are the Red Flags?

It may be difficult for your kids to admit that they are struggling in math, and that is understandable. In the case that your children are shy about their potential need for a math tutor, there are a few signs you can look for when they get home from school.

One of the most common signs that we see in kids who are struggling with math is an unwillingness to do homework. It goes unsaid that homework is rarely something children look forward to, but if your child is struggling, he or she will go to great lengths to avoid potential embarrassment in not understanding what is assigned to them. It is also likely that if your kid is avoiding their math homework, they are most likely not going to let you help them. This sign lets us know that your children may be embarrassed about not understanding and want to avoid the parents finding out.

There are other signs you can see while your kids are attempting an assignment such as confused expressions on their face or finger counting. Remember to pay close attention to your children while they are working on homework, even if they reassure you that everything is fine.

How Can Mathnasium of Gilbert Help?

At Mathnasium of Gilbert, we help you catch these early warning signs of your children struggling with math, as well as work to build your child’s math foundation through a customized learning plan taught by our instructors.

We believe that it is best for your kids to develop a solid math routine that will help them maintain confidence as they learn new concepts in school. Our instructors are passionate about math and helping students, and they are all Mathnasium certified.

We can help your kids develop their math skills right now, so don’t wait until the first report card comes out to scramble and find a math tutor for your child.  The Mathnasium of Gilbert team is here to help math make sense to everyone. Call us today at (480) 782-7987 to find out more about our program and to get your child started on the Math success journey!

Schedule a FREE Math Skills Assessment and We’ll pinpoint your child’s learning needs and create a personalized program designed to meet them where they are and take them where they need to go.