"How do I know if my Student really needs help?"

Jan 21, 2021 | Gilbert
Not quite sure how to gauge where your student's skills are in math?
Every student experiences school differently. Every student has a different way of showing if they are struggling.
For some students, you may notice a lack of motivation and disinterest in their academic work. They refuse to do their homework and their grades suffer because of it. For others, they may be getting all of their homework correct, but fail all of their test and quizzes. Why?
One of the biggest things we see in students is a lack of confidence in their math skills, which then translates into a variety of struggles both in school and at home. This usually stems from a lack of understanding of foundational skills. 
Example: An algebra student in high school can follow along in class, but when the test comes along, they keep missing questions due to little mistakes here and there. When going over the test, they seem to know how to do all the right steps to solve the equations, so what goes wrong when they have to do it on their own?They may have a foundational skills gap that is causing them to stumble. Maybe they never fully learned their multiplication facts, or maybe they don't quite remember how to properly reduce fractions. The lack of foundational skills like this can cause them to stumble with every new concept they learn. Without a strong foundation, they will continue to struggle their way through math. 
These foundational skill gaps need to be addressed before they can start to feel confident in their math, but how in the world do you figure something like that out?
We offer in-depth assessments for students all the way through 12th grade that give us insight into what skills they are comfortable with and what skills they need to strengthen and/or review. This allows us to build them a customized and unique Learning Plan that fits their goals and needs!
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