Testimonial Tuesday | March 23rd, 2021

Mar 23, 2021 | Gilbert

Testimonial Tuesday📣

"My daughter was struggling with reading. She was feeling terrible about herself. I noticed she was good at math. I decided to take her to Mathnasium to help her feel good about herself.

It worked! She loves going to the center and enjoys interacting with the tutors. Her self esteem has risen. She has stopped calling herself stupid. She takes chances in reading. She'll attempt to sound out words or read out loud whereas before she refused try to read.

I believe her success at Mathnasium helped her succeed at learning how to read."

-Sandra L., Mathlete Parent


This testimonial is one of our favorites because it really shows how boosting a child's confidence in one area of life can greatly impact every other aspect! This particular kiddo was actually already feeling great about math, so we took that passion and built on it to ensure she felt more confident with herself! This started affecting her other school subject, like reading, in great way!

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