Where is the Math Textbook?

Sep 4, 2017 | Gilbert

Where is the Math Textbook?

Up until recently, kids usually brought home math text books to do homework. Math homework often consisted of something like “do problems 1-10 on page 63.”  With advances in technology, homework for kids in middle school and high school these days often use online math textbooks, rather than a physical book.

Is Helping Your Kids with Homework More Difficult without the Textbook?

For some families, online math textbooks and homework works just fine. Other families find that online resources are difficult to navigate and use. Parents, like Patty, complain that they need a regular text book to refresh their memories about math skills before they can help their children with math homework. Patty’s daughter asks for her help, but Patty doesn’t feel able to provide the help. It’s been 35 years since Patty learned the math skills her daughter is using! Plus, her daughter seems to be learning math in a different way than Patty learned it.

Patty wishes her daughter had a physical textbook to consult.  A regular textbook makes it easy to quickly see how her daughter is learning a math skill.  Patty tries to use the online tools like the online textbook, Kahn Academy and YouTube.com.  She gets exasperated sifting through the online videos to find the right video about the skill her daughter is learning that week. Many tutorials are poorly made and just confuse her more. She wishes her daughter could just point to a section of the math book with an explanation of the skill to jog Patty’s memory of the math she learned ages ago.

Patty’s Solution

Patty had gotten used to telling her daughter that she’ll have to figure out her own math homework.  But she hated watching her daughter feel so frustrated. Patty wished there was someone in the house who could answer her daughter’s questions, but there wasn’t. Finally, Patty’s friend suggested that she enroll her daughter in Mathnasium of Gilbert for homework help.  Patty’s daughter now gets the instruction and homework help she needs from qualified instructors at Mathnasium of Gilbert. Check out The Mathnasium MethodTM.

If not having a textbook is making it difficult for you to help your child with math homework, get help from the experts at Mathnasium of Gilbert. Take advantage of our Free Trial session. Our instructors love math and love sharing math with children. Check out our specially trained Team! We make math make sense!

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