Why Summer Camp and Math Programs are a Great Pair

Apr 10, 2018 | Gilbert

For many kids summer is already here. Inside their minds, they are already swimming in pools, eating an endless amount of ice cream, and watching show after show on Netflix. While kids dream of days like these as soon as the summer heat kicks in, parents know that in the midst of all the fun some academic structure is necessary in keeping kids motivated and excited for the next school year; but most importantly safe from the academic "summer slide". 

As a parent, consider including a summer math program in your plans to keep your kids productive and learning while having fun. Many families find these programs are a great complement to other summer camps not related to math like performing and visual art, sports, and multi-activity camps. Math can be found in almost every aspect of life and a good foundation and understanding of mathematical concepts is important in the development of any child at any age. One can never know too much math.

With that in mind, as math fanatics of Mathnasium of Gilbert we are excited to announce our Summer 2018 Math Program (and Camp) details! Like last year, we are planning to have EXTENDED hours. Throughout their time here, students will enjoy 1 hour of game time plus fun games and math sessions for each age level to develop logic, number sense, and skills! As a parent, you may be wondering if your child would benefit from this opportunity or if he or she needs Math work over the summer. Like mentioned before, one can never know too much math; but here is a practical guide to determine if your child would benefit from the Mathnasium summer program. There are 3 general scenarios that any student may fall under in regards to how well or not well he or she performed in Math this past school year:

  1. Your child performed extremely well with Math through out the school year.In other words, they have a strong grip of the mathematical concepts that were introduced and taught to them. Math was fairly easy for them and was challenging enough. In this case, they can do well by remaining engaged to some of the same concepts so that they remain fresh in their minds. If they feel like they are ready for more challenging material, then they can be introduced to more advanced Math. On the other hand, maybe Math was too easy for your child and not challenging enough. In this case, they can do well by being introduced to more advanced concepts to keep them excited about Math while challenging their minds. In both cases, they will tap into their full math potential and will be more than prepared for the new school year in the fall.

  2. Your child performed well with Math throughout the school year, but needs a review. In other words, they would benefit from a review of the previous year's Math concept so that they do not forget what they learnt over the school year. Math is composed of concepts that build from each other like building blocks and it is important that your child uses this summer to build a good foundation from the Math concepts they don't understand, so that in the new academic year they feel confident and are ready to learn and understand the newer concepts that will be introduced.

  3. Your child struggled most of the school year. In other words, they did not understand most if not all of the Math concepts that was introduced to them through out the school year. In this case, they do need intensive work over the summer alongside guided help with filling up knowledge gaps in regards to math in order to build a strong mathematical foundation for the upcoming school year. An in-depth assessment of their Math skills corresponding the the grade level they are in will be given to them to provide us with a good starting point at which your child needs help and to better help them understand the concepts in which they are struggling with. 

If your child falls into any of these 3 scenarios, then your child will benefit from this awesome opportunity! Mathnasium of Gilbert will equip your child with the necessary math skills to feel confident and excited about Math. We can help your child with math enrichment, review, or catch up. Our customized learning plan over the summer and year-around can help your child stay on track and advance. For more detailed information on summer and regular year-around, view the flyer below. If you would like to see how we can help your child stay engaged with Math skills over the summer, give us a call today at (480) 782-7987 or  and take advantage of our EARLY BIRD discount before May 15, 2018! Here at Mathnasium of Gilbert we are passionate about math and strive to make Math easy and fun. We would love to be the ones to assist your child with their Math education.