Why Would They Change Math? Math is Math!

Apr 27, 2018 | Gilbert

Sounds familiar? The fact that this conversation has made it to a famous movie proves that many parents are struggling to help their kids with “New Math”.

Are you a parent frustrated with common core math (“New math”) standards? You are not alone. Many parents in the Gilbert, Chandler and Mesa communities have been challenged with helping their child with their math homework. Common core standards have shifted math education. It is challenging for a parent to help their child when math taught in school is different compared to how they learnt during their school years.

So what changed with the new common core math standards?

  1. Each concept is taught in more depth to build a solid understanding. Students must be able to apply math skills to solve complex problems.
  2. Math concepts build on each other in progression and new learning must be integrated with previous learning.
  3. Students need to understand key concepts and procedural skills and be able to use that understanding to solve a variety of problems.

How can Mathnasium of Gilbert help?

At Mathnasium of Gilbert we understand these standards. Our in-depth assessments uncover any gaps in the students’ mathematical foundation. Then we take the time to explain to the parent and child exactly where a child is struggling. A customized learning plan is created for each child, based on building number sense, critical thinking, and problem solving skills that works with any math standards used in public and private schools.

  • Summer is the best time to enroll at Mathnasium of Gilbert!

With the schools out and no pressure of additional homework, our summer power math learning plan is the best time to help you child catch up, keep up and get ahead with their Math skills. Stop the summer slide!

  • Flexible 2-Hour Visits (includes math and logic games)

Math and logic based game hour coupled with a math workout hour helps kids have fun while learning math!

Even Bob and Dash from Incredibles 2 can benefit with our summer and year-around program whether they are battling an evil henchman or math homework!

Call us at (480) 782-7987 or  for our Summer Math programs and give your child a boost in their math schools over this summer! For early bird discounts, call us before May 15, 2018.

Come, join us to make an Incredible Summer 2018 at Mathnasium of Gilbert!

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