Prevent 1/2 Year of Math Learning Loss!

Apr 15, 2020 | Johns Creek
As current public health issues require families to begin distance learning, our new service, Mathnasium@home, allows students to continue to get the same face-to-face Mathnasium instruction you find in the learning center — from anywhere there’s an internet connection.
A majority of our students who were enrolled with us before COVID 19 have transitioned over to our online solution and are loving it! We are leveraging the power of zoom and a whiteboard collaborative tool to recreate the in-center experience. Each student will have their very own customized Mathnasium Learning Plan uploaded to their customized digital binder. We also have the ability to help with your student’s homework if needed.
What makes this so unique is that your student will get to work face-to-face with live instructors in small groups of no more than 3 and it is truly customized, just like in the center! This is not a lecture or a series of videos. this is live face-to-face 60 min. instruction sessions you have grown to love.
According to an article published last week in Education Week, the loss of in school learning coupled with the summer could lead to students losing ½ to all of their gains from the 2019-2020 school year in Math!
Mathnasium is here to help, just as we have for over 15 years!  Give us a call today!