Strengthen Their Brains at Mathnasium

Oct 19, 2017 | Johns Creek

Where do you go strengthen your body? You go to the gym to work-out your muscles.  Our bodies thrive when they are used and atrophy when they are not being used. Our brains are no different.  The more we “exercise” our brain, the smarter we get. A person’s strength in math, or in weightlifting, has more to do with how often they work out than their natural abilities. 

The Reason the Name “Mathnasium” sounds like “Gymnasium”
Mathnasium is based on the belief that exercising the brain, like exercising the muscles, produces growth. The research in brain plasticity backs up this belief. 

Mathnasium instructors teach math in the same way personal trainers teach fitness techniques. We start with a warm-up to rev up the brain, like a runner stretching and taking a slow pace around the track. After the warm-up, students progress to their lesson tailored to meet their specific needs. This is like the main part of the workout and where most of the improvement happens. If the workout is too hard, we scale back the difficulty. If it’s too easy, we increase the intensity. Finally the students review their progress again with an instructor. This is like a runner’s cool down period. 

Same Place / Different Pace
Go into a gym and you will find people on different paths and different stages of their fitness journey.  Some people look muscled. Some people run on the treadmill for an hour. Others are out of shape, weak, or recovering from an injury. Everyone at the gym is there to get some exercise and improve the functioning of their bodies. 

Come into a Mathnasium and you will discover the same diversity.  Some students are as young as 6 and some are in high school.  Some are doing math several grade levels above their grade in school and some are doing math several grade levels below. Unlike a gym, it’s harder to tell who is working at what level. They are all there to get some brain exercise and improve their understanding of math. 

As Dr. Wayne Dyer, author and speaker on self-development and spiritual growth stated, “My goal is not to be better than anyone else, but to be better than I used to be.” 

To learn how Mathnasium can help your child become mentally strong, click here.

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