3 TED Talks about Math

Apr 10, 2019 | Kendall

Phylecia Jones: How Can We Encourage Girls to Keep Pursuing Math?


Phylecia Jones talks about the importance of supporting girls in their math education.  We want to encourage them in their studies of math to try to prevent them from developing a negative attitude towards math because they believe they will not be able to succeed at it.  We should support them and tell them they ARE good at math! Supporting someone's ideas will go a long way towards their future.


Dan Finkel: How Can Play Help Us Understand Math?


Dan Finkel emphasizes the importance of seeing mathematics as a process of thinking and problem solving, not simply a world full of rigid operations.  Ask questions to incite students’ problem solving skills. Not having an immediate answer to a question does not mean failure, but rather the start of problem solving.


Eddie Woo: How Can Math Help Us Understand the Complexity of the Universe?


Eddie Woo describes mathematics as a practical world, not some dark mysterious place of mindless computation. He says that everyone has a mathematical sense, which we can foster and develop. Our world is full of patterns, which can all be related back to mathematics.