How to determine if Mathnasium of Kendall is the right fit for your child

Jul 23, 2020 | Kendall

Image of a child learning at home with Live, Online Instruction on the left and a picture on the right of a child learning in a Mathnasium with In-Person Instruction


Taking advantage of our complimentary three-part assessment process is the best way to see if Mathnasium will help you achieve your math goals. 


You can self-schedule an assessment for your child today either in our Kendall center - OR - on our video-conference platform.


How does it work? Our comprehensive math skills assessment will provide you with valuable information on your child’s current abilities and provides a road map on where we go from here.


First: An interactive and in-depth assessment of your child’s math skills by one of our Math Specialists.

Second: Our Math Specialist evaluates your child’s results and charts a detailed list of strengths and weaknesses.

Third: A private consult with Yeilin Caballero, our Kendall Director, to explain the results, discuss short/long-term math goals, and how a Mathnasium membership can help you achieve them.


This detailed assessment process will give you and your child a sense of who we are and what we do - - you can also check our Facebook and Instagram pages! Let’s talk (305) 274-3700.