Kendall high school students: Are you preparing for the upcoming SAT and ACT?

Sep 10, 2020 | Kendall

Do you plan to take the SAT or ACT for the first time and curious about what the experience will be like? Or are you looking to raise your previous score to stand out for college admissions and scholarships?


At Mathnasium of Kendall, students enroll to improve their standardized test scores the Mathnasium way:

  • We start with an in-depth assessment to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • We create a tailored learning plan based on YOUR needs and goals
  • We teach Math in a way that makes sense to YOU
  • Test taking strategies and tips? YES!
  • Flexible and convenient scheduling:
    • ​Face to face instruction via our video conferencing
    • In-center Instruction (with health and safety measures in place)


Our instruction team at Mathnasium of Kendall gives our students individual attention and instruction through our Test Prep program to boost their scores. Our main goals for the students in our test prep program:

  • Understand the math concepts on the ACT and SAT tests.
  • Efficiently and effectively problem-solve their way through the test


Along with SAT and ACT test prep, we also help Kendall students improve their math skills to prepare for the PSAT, GRE, ISEE, and SSAT. 


The Mathnasium SAT and ACT Math Test Prep Program gives students both the skills and confidence needed to be successful. Your next step is to schedule your complimentary assessment today either via video-conference or in our Kendall center. You can also give us a call at (305) 274-3700.


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