Kendall: let's make this summer count!

May 22, 2020 | Kendall

There are several questions parents and educators in Kendall might have after a challenging Spring of distance learning due to Covid-19: 

  • Without end-of-year testing or grades, how do I know if my child is prepared for math class this fall?
  • In a typical summer, two months of being out of the classroom resulted in a decline of academic skills (the “Summer Slide”).  What impact will five months have on my child?
  • My child is making a big jump in math this fall (3rd to 4th grade, beginning middle school, starting Algebra I).  How can I make sure they’re prepared?


Picture your child walking into math class this fall confident and eager to learn: not struggling their way through just trying to keep up, but prepared and ready to build on their solid foundation.


Click the button below to self-schedule a private math skills assessment at a time convenient for you:

  • A live, 1 on 1 video-conference reserved for your child and one of our Math Education Experts
  • We start with a verbal math conversation, then move to a written portion (please allow about 60-75 minutes in total) 
  • We’ll then schedule a private video-conference to talk about the results, your goals, and getting started.


We create a customized math learning program tailored to your child’s strengths and weaknesses.  Each student receives face-to-face teaching, problem-solving together, as well as time for independent practice.

We can get you started on our Mathnasium @ home video-conference platform and then you will have the option of transitioning to in-center instruction at our Mathnasium of Kendall center in a few weeks.

Let’s make this summer count!  Schedule your complimentary assessment by clicking the button below or calling (305) 274-3700.